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ways to make money online

I am very pleased that I can host you on this blog. My name is Lucas and I am interested of many ways of multiplying financial using the internet. So if you also reading this post, it is a clear sign for me that you are also interested in this subject too. I am very happy about this. I have no idea if you are just starting to move in this area, or maybe you are already at a more advanced level. It is not that important at this moment. I only hope that over time, together we will create a place where we will exchange experience and gradually increase the balance on our investment portfolios.

This blog is a english version of my two other polish blogs ( www.iwi.pl and www.zwi.pl). First one is about how to invest money online, second about how to make money online. But this blog www.askmymoney.com is a combination of those two polish blogs. Here you will read everyting about how to invest and make money from scratch thru Internet.

Mission of blog www.askmymoney.com

The main purpose for which I created this blog community of people who want to multiply their surplus cash using the Internet. For me personally, entries will be a kind of summary of a given investment. This will allow me to better control the invested money and draw specific conclusions for the future. In turn, for you I would like them to act as a help (signpost) when deciding whether to invest money in a given program, way, industry or technology.

I will invest real money in every way / program / industry / technology described on the blog. Everything will be documented in black and white so that there are no understatements or suspicions of manipulation. Only real results on real money! So you have a 100% guarantee that the results presented on the blog will be reflected in the real world. It will allow you to determine if a given method of investing on the internet is profitable or it is better to stay away from it and look for something else worth attention.

At the end I would like to thank you that you have survived to this point. I hope that at least I have encouraged you to regularly visit this blog. I also strongly encourage you to leave your comment below this post. You can also write there what ways of investing on the internet you want me to test and move in the future on the blog.

Are you ready for more? I invite you to the next entry:

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See you the first way to invest money online!

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Welcome on blog about ways to make money online
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