Where to invest money online – a huge collection of methods about how and where to invest money online without leaving your home

where to invest money online

Where to invest money online from year to year are gaining more and more popularity among investors. The Internet is full of all sorts of ways with promises to multiply capital. In fact, not all of them can generate a profit for the investor. The idea of creating an place, where I will present only Internet investing methods that actually work and can generate profits. I will update the list on a regular basis as new blog investing in the web appears in the blog.

Where to invest money online - methods list

Below I present only and exclusively those ways of investing on the Internet, which I described on the blog and I participate in them. You have one hundred percent certainty that I turn real capital in them and the results are not just a calculation sucked out of my finger. This, in turn, may help you decide whether the financial results I achieve are also acceptable to you and it pays to you to invest in the same way.

Cryptocurrency investment

The first method of investing on the internet, which I published in the blog are investments in cryptocurrencies. A lot of people have heard about it but from my observations it seems that only a handful of people really try to multiply their capital on it. I strongly encourage you to at least read the article and draw your own conclusions. Investment method - long-term:

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Trading on forex market

The second method described in the blog is investing on Forex platforms. Many people think that you can only lose on these platforms. There is a lot of truth in it, because, according to the statistics of brokers, over 80% of users lose their funds. It is only worth pointing out that they are amateurs who have no preparation. I can not call myself a professional myself, but I know something about the markets and I want to prove that having the minimum knowledge you can earn from these markets.

Trading on forex market / CFD (raw materials, currencies, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies) – my investments using medium / long positions
Trading on Forex market / CFD is the second method for investing money on the Internet, which I describe in[...]


This entry is aimed at gathering many proven methods for internet investments in one place. The content of this topic will be gradually updated, so please do not comment on it in the style that nothing is here yet 🙂 Of course, comments on the ways you would like to address them are welcome.

To hear in the next post!

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Where to invest money online – a huge collection of methods about how and where to invest money online without leaving your home
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